The Wolfpack Story

Going all in to chase a dream

In 2009, after a decade-long career as successful professional poker players, Eric Turner, Matt Wiener, and Kevin Thurman made the bet of a lifetime, and it paid off. Personally touched by family members struggling to quit smoking, they committed to apply their highly specialized skills to an open door they couldn’t walk away from. Their skill at managing risk, and their relentless pursuit of being the best, drove them to make an ambitious goal: create the #1 source for e-liquid across the country—and the world.

Seizing an Opportunity

Seeing an opening in the growing e-liquid market, the group leaped at the chance, left lucrative careers, and went all in. Wolfpack Wholesale was formed in 2013, working out of Eric Turner’s small facility. A whole lot of hard work later, the gamble paid off. Wolfpack quickly became a leader in a wide-open and constantly evolving market, focusing on prime-quality, American-made e-liquids, and an offering of unparalleled value and service to an ever-expanding national family of retail partners.

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Focused on Quality

For e-liquid enthusiasts, taste is a very important factor. And Wolfpack Wholesale stocks nothing but the best juices that deliver the widest array of tastes and sensations. Every juice we sell is made right here in the USA, and only from the very best ingredients.

Driven by Results

Even some of Wolfpack’s own family members have discovered the difference that vaping can make. People who were once heavy, long-term smokers saw the results almost immediately; their packs-a-day rate fell dramatically. And that’s the kind of result that Wolfpack Wholesale is most proud of: life-changing impact through a commitment to excellence.

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